Yes. Please call or email us to discuss your needs.

Yes! We have comprehensive personal and private liability insurance covering all our staff whilst they are working in your home. We also insure for loss of keys, misuse of telephones and for breakages. Please ask for a more detailed information regarding our insurance if you would like them.

We are comprehensively insured for loss or misuse of keys. Each cleaner has guidelines regarding keeping clients keys.

We offer an excellent value service to people in the area. We are proud of our standards and are happy to bring them to you at a highly competitive cost. We know that cleaning is not about offering the cheapest service but about offering the right balance between quality and value. We made a decision at the conception of our company that we would not compromise quality for cost. We are amongst the best value for money in the area.

Yes. You are assigned your own cleaner and this will not change without our prior agreement with you. We do however provide cover for when your cleaner is away on holiday or off work due to ill health.

We have a thorough 5 stage interview process which includes screening and reference checking. This includes a telephone interview, identity checking, and checking of two professional references.

We get most of our cleaners through referrals from our current and previous cleaners. This means that we are able to pick from a very high quality group of people. We also advertise and have a detailed recruitment policy. Visit the “Our Cleaners” page for more information.

Yes. We provide instruction and coaching for our cleaners. We also conduct regular and surprise monitoring of our cleaners to ensure that they are maintaining our high standards.

When you agree to use My Clean Home you enter an agreement that you will not approach our staff to work for you directly. If however you choose to do so you have agreed to pay us a finder’s fee equal to CHF 1000. The cleaner will no longer be offered work with CleanHome.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied we will come back. We want you as a regular customer and we want you to advertise us as the best in your area. Our customers are the most important people in our business. Our customers don’t rely on us, we rely on them.