Standard: “Cleaning that reflects your own high standards


Our contract cleaning services ensure that your highest cleaning standards are met, whether it is for the office or for the home.

We want your visitors, customers, partners and employees to enjoy an immaculately clean environment – whatever its size and location.

Contract cleaning covers all the basic elements such as mopping, sweeping and vacuuming all areas throughout the location. We’ll work closely with you to develop a service that meets your needs. Contracts can be extremely flexible, giving you choices such as a daily, weekly, monthly, annual or occasional service, variable timings and options for ad-hoc “deep cleans” if they’re needed.

All our contract cleaning teams are experienced, friendly and highly trained people who are dedicated to providing you with a high quality effective service. Many of our teams have worked for the same clients for many years: as such, they always look to build a relationship with you – it’s an essential part of our service.

Rates are set according to the number of rooms and their size.

  • Sweeping, hoovering, mopping, window cleaning, washing, ironing (the cleaning services are tailored to whether the location is an office or home)
  • Products and materials
  • You decide the frequency of the cleaning service
  • Average rate for a house or one-floor office
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