Daytime: “Looking after the daily necessities of your business”


Our daytime cleaning services ensure that your sites are not only immaculate at all times, but that they have all the supplies needed to run smoothly.

Daytime cleaning includes a flexible janitorial service, which in addition to regular cleaning also undertakes regular cleanliness checks, restocks your consumables and washroom supplies. This service also ensures that unwanted packaging is removed and that all areas are immaculate and litter-free throughout the day. As part of this service, we can also provide a comprehensive range of janitorial supplies, such as paper products, soaps, bins, air-fresheners and hygiene products.

We do offer daytime cleaning as a standalone service, but many of our clients prefer to add it to a base cleaning option, such as the standard one- we make sure that you will not pay twice for the same cleaning service, but simply add what you need from the daytime option to the standard one, for example.

  • The service ensures that your site is litter-free and well-supplied with all relevant consumables
  • Daytime cleaning can be incorporated into a single contract alongside other services
  • Experienced, courteous and flexible teams that will not interfere with the operations of your site
  • All products and supplies as environmentally-friendly as possible
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